Scratch Lab 7


The chart on how to opperate this lab is in the table below.

PartProblem OneProblem TwoProblem Three

Here is a link to my project on scratch: blah

Q: What are two advantages to using blocks for code repetition?

A: They make everything neater, and instead of having to copy a ton of code all the time, and go back and check what went wrong through all of it over and over again, all you have to do is look at the definitions of a few blocks that are repeated over and over again.

Q: What are parameters?

A: they are exponents that are connected to the block that you created, and can be used to help define the block.

Q: Give an example of a formula that takes at least one parameter.

A: A program that takes feet or inches and converts them into miles.

Q: Give an example of a situation where no parameters are needed.

A: A sprite is supposed to keep moving until it hits a wall or another sprite, and then it will say "ouch!"

Q: Explain what you think the following program does? How do blocks make this easier to understand? Explain what you would expect within each block.

A: I think that the code will ask for a name, then insert it into a list, then randomize the list, or arrange it in some way(alphabetically or the oposite, etc.), and then ask for another name. I don't know exactly what "continue" means.